Northwest  Artists in  Action is a group of accomplished  fine  artists who love to  create  and display their art in public. Throughout the year they do just that. They host several art shows at local venues.  These  venues include wineries,  festivals,  malls,  bookstores,  nurseries,  and special events.
The  most  unique  feature  of  the group  is  that  each artist is  creating  their art project  on  site.  This  gives  you a chance to see a painting being created in real time  and  the  opportunity  to  discuss  the  art  with  the  artist.   Each  artist specializes in one or  more of the fine arts mediums - oil, watercolor,  acrylic,  pastel, or  pencil.

You  will  see  a  variety of  paintings in  progress at our shows .  Also, each show has displays of finished original art available for purchase.
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We are always interested in any artist that wants to be
an "Artist In Action".